DateEvery Saturday
Time10:00 PM – 03:00 AM
Address580 King Street West
Music & CrowdMature crowd with Hip Hop, Top 40 and House music vibes
Style CodeFashion Forward
Doors Open10:00 PM
LayoutA large Main Room with a secondary VIP room. The Main Room boasts a full-length bar with 8 VIP booths, a large stage and DJ booth. LED Panels across the walls keep the vibes alive. The VIP room has 5 booths and a VIP Bar to indulge in exclusivity.

TOP 10 Clubs in Toronto - Century Nightclub

Embark on an Odyssey to Century Toronto Nightclub, an illustrious beacon of revelry nestled in Toronto’s pulsating King West district. This exhaustive manual aims to illuminate every facet of this distinguished establishment, equipping you with essential knowledge for orchestrating a night that will etch itself in your memory. Century Toronto Nightclub, a tapestry of opulent ambiance and unparalleled auditory delights, is a sanctuary of refined dress standards and diverse reservation opportunities.

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A Memorable Soirée in Toronto’s Nightlife

Century Toronto Nightclub has revolutionized the nocturnal landscape. This venue is a melting pot of resplendent music, the city’s elite, and an electrifying atmosphere. It’s a versatile haven for private soirées, global DJ acts, celebrity-studded evenings, corporate gatherings, or tranquil nights of dance and leisure. With its expansive design, emphasis on experiential offerings, and visits from eminent personalities, Century Toronto has ascended to the ranks of Toronto’s top ten nightlife destinations.


A Haven of Opulence and Contemporary Design

Venture into Century Toronto and be enveloped in an ambience of sheer luxury, a harmonious blend of existing charm and contemporary design elements tailored to a diverse audience. The club’s aesthetic radiates lavishness, allure, and comfort, setting the stage for moments that linger. The enthralling lighting and ceiling displays augment this sensory journey, making each experience deeply immersive.


Attire: A Paradigm of Fashionable Elegance

Century Toronto upholds a stringent dress code policy to preserve its elegant environment. Patrons are advised to eschew headwear, satchels, oversized bags, athletic attire, and clothing with gang affiliations. The venue’s security and management reserve the right to enforce these standards, ensuring an atmosphere of sophistication.

Elevated Experiences with Exclusive Bottle Service

Indulge in Century Toronto’s premier Bottle Service, designed to magnify your experience. Standard club night offerings range from $1,000 for dance floor booths to $2,000 for premium VIP areas. For reservations and inquiries, please submit the VIP Bottle Service form on this page, or call/text us at (647) 560-2582. Our dedicated booking concierge will be in touch within 24 business hours, promising a tailored and memorable evening.

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Convenient Coat Check Facility

Century Toronto offers a hassle-free Coat Check service for a nominal fee. Located in the hallway towards the main room, we recommend photographing your Coat Check ticket for ease in reclaiming your belongings.

Cover Charges and Exclusive Guestlist

Typical club nights at Century Toronto feature a $20 cover charge. Ladies enjoy complimentary entry before 11:30 PM via our VIP Guestlist. After 11:30 PM, the standard rate applies. Explore our Friday and Saturday guestlist and table booking options for a smooth entry.

Commitment to Safety and Security

To ensure guest safety, Century Toronto prohibits professional cameras, large electronic devices, water bottles, and weapons, except for pre-approved press. Adherence to these guidelines guarantees a secure and enjoyable environment for all.

TOP 10 Clubs in Toronto - Century Nightclub

Discover the Prime Location

Situated at the crossroads of King Street West and Bathurst Street in downtown Toronto’s Fashion District, Century Toronto Nightclub is the epicenter of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Accessible Parking Options

Public parking is available on King Street West and nearby lots, with additional options at 552 King St. W, 621 King St. W, 97 Bathurst St., and next to 83 Portland Street.

Age Restriction Policy

Please note that entry to Century Toronto Nightclub is restricted to individuals 19+ for standard club nights.

TOP 10 Clubs in Toronto - Century Nightclub

Exquisite Cocktails at Century Toronto Nightclub

Century Toronto’s mixologists offer an eclectic cocktail menu, with beverages priced between $10.00 and $12.00. Enjoy these expertly crafted drinks at either of the club’s upscale bars.


Experience the unmatched elegance of Century Toronto Nightclub. With its extraordinary music, exquisite design, and dedication to delivering a memorable experience, the venue stands as a pinnacle of sophistication in Toronto’s nightlife. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Century Toronto promises a night of unparalleled luxury and excitement.

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