Venue:ESCOBAR Toronto (Baro / Pablo’s Snack House)
Crowd:Young Professional Crowd
Min Age:19+

Varies depending on day of week.

Tuesdays – Hip-Hop/Top40/Rap
Wednesdays – Latin/HipHop
Thursdays – Toronto Style House Music
Fridays/Saturdays – Top40/HipHop/Rap

Dress Code:Upscale Dress Code
[email protected]


🕥 Every Wednesday at 10:00 PM


🕥 Every Wednesday at 10:00 PM


🕥 Every Thursday at 10:00 PM


🕥 Every Friday at 10:00 PM


🕥 Every Saturday at 10:00 PM



The Ultimate Nightlife Experience in the Heart of the City

Toronto, a vibrant city known for its diverse culture and bustling nightlife, is home to one of the most sought-after clubbing experiences – ESCOBAR Toronto. This popular nightclub has become a beacon of entertainment, offering an unparalleled mix of music, ambiance, and social interaction in the heart of the city.


Weekly Music Line-Up: A Fusion of Rhythms and Beats

At ESCOBAR Toronto, every night is a new adventure. The club’s music schedule is carefully curated to provide a variety of experiences throughout the week.

  • Latin and HipHop Nights on Wednesdays: The midweek at ESCOBAR is lit up with the vibrant beats of Latin music mixed with the latest hip-hop tracks. It’s a night where rhythms from different cultures blend, offering a unique and energetic atmosphere.

  • Toronto Style House Music on Thursdays: Reflecting the city’s own eclectic music scene, Thursday nights at ESCOBAR are dedicated to Toronto Style House Music, showcasing local talent and cutting-edge beats that define the city’s music identity.

  • Top40, HipHop, and Rap on Fridays and Saturdays: The weekend at ESCOBAR is a grand affair with a mix of Top40 hits, Hip-hop rhythms, and Rap music. These nights are perfect for those looking to experience the high-energy and dynamic nightlife of Toronto.

  • Sunday Specials: ESCOBAR wraps up the week with a special lineup, offering a relaxing yet engaging atmosphere for guests to unwind and prepare for the week ahead.


Style Code: Dress to Impress

ESCOBAR Toronto maintains an upscale dress code. Guests are encouraged to dress stylishly and sophisticatedly, making every night at the club a glamorous affair. The management reserves the right to deny entry to ensure an exclusive and high-end experience for all guests.


THE LOFT at Baro: A Culinary Journey on the Rooftop

During the summertime, ESCOBAR’s sister venue, Baro, opens up ‘THE LOFT’ – a stunning rooftop patio that offers a Latin-infused culinary journey. Whether it’s enjoying signature cocktails, indulging in favourites from the Main Dining Room, or savouring the Rooftop BBQ menu cooked on a parrilla-style charcoal grill, THE LOFT provides an all-season space to enjoy the best of Toronto’s culinary scene.


Corporate and Group Bookings: Venues for Every Occasion

ESCOBAR Toronto and its associated venues offer diverse spaces for various events:

  • Main Floor Dining Area: Ideal for intimate seated dinners for up to 25 guests.
  • The Lounge & Escobar on the Second Level: Perfect for private gatherings and cocktail parties with a capacity of up to 70 guests.
  • The Loft on the Third Floor: A spacious and stylish event space accommodating up to 210 guests. With its brick-and-beam aesthetic, polished concrete floors, and classic New York-style windows, it’s the ideal backdrop for corporate events, weddings, and more.

For event inquiries for parties of 30 or more, interested parties can contact us at [email protected] or (647) 560-2582.


VIP Bottle Service: Elevate Your Night

For those looking to enhance their clubbing experience, ESCOBAR Toronto offers an exclusive VIP Bottle Service. With reservations starting at $1,500, guests can enjoy the best of what the club has to offer. For more details on this elevated experience, call or text (647) 560-2582.



ESCOBAR Toronto is not just a nightclub; it’s a lifestyle, a place where the city’s heartbeats converge to create unforgettable nights. From its diverse music lineup to its exquisite culinary offerings and exclusive bottle service, ESCOBAR Toronto stands as the pinnacle of nightlife in Toronto. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, enjoy a sophisticated evening out, or host a memorable event, ESCOBAR Toronto is your destination.




  1. What is ESCOBAR Toronto? ESCOBAR Toronto is a popular nightclub located in the heart of Toronto, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse music lineup. Also known as Pablo’s Snack House and BARO, King Street West comes alive at this lively venue weekly.

  2. What types of music can I expect at ESCOBAR? The club features a mix of Latin, hip-hop, Toronto Style House Music, Top40, and Rap, varying each night of the week.

  3. Is there a dress code at ESCOBAR Toronto? Yes, there is an upscale dress code. Guests are expected to dress stylishly. Management reserves the right to deny entry.

  4. Are there any age restrictions for entry? Yes, ESCOBAR Toronto is a 19+ venue. A valid ID is required for entry. Physical ID is required – identification in digital formats (IE on your phone) is not valid.

  5. What are the club’s operating hours? On regular club nights, ESCOBAR Toronto operates from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am.

  6. Do I need a reservation to enter ESCOBAR? Reservations are not mandatory but are recommended, especially for weekend nights or special events. We offer VIP Bottle Service packages to ensure your night is complete with luxury and comfort. Call or Text (647) 560-2582 for more details.

  7. Can I book ESCOBAR Toronto for private events? Yes, ESCOBAR offers space for private events, with different venue sizes suitable for various group sizes. Call or Text us at (647) 560-2582 for more details for your next corporate party!

  8. Is there a cover charge to enter ESCOBAR Toronto? Yes, typically Escobar charges a $20.00 cover charge to enter the venue on club nights.

  9. Does ESCOBAR Toronto have a VIP section? Yes, there is a VIP section with bottle service available for reservation.

  10. How much does the VIP Bottle Service cost? VIP Bottle Service reservations start at $1,500+tax+gratuity.

  11. How can I book a table for bottle service? You can book by calling or texting (647) 560-2582.

  12. Is there parking available near ESCOBAR Toronto? Yes, there are parking options nearby, but it’s recommended to use public transport or ride-sharing services. Parking lots are available on King Street West – the closest one is across the street next to Isabelle’s Toronto.

  13. What is “THE LOFT” at Baro? THE LOFT is a rooftop patio part of Baro, offering a Latin-infused culinary experience, located on top of ESCOBAR Toronto. The LOFT is only open during the summertime seasonal hours.

  14. Can I host a corporate event at ESCOBAR Toronto? Absolutely, the club caters to corporate events, with various spaces suitable for different types of functions. Call or Text us at (647) 560-2582 for more details for your next corporate party!

  15. Is there a food menu available? Yes, ESCOBAR Toronto offers a selection of culinary delights, especially at its associated venues like Baro’s THE LOFT.

  16. What is the best night to visit ESCOBAR Toronto? It depends on your music preference. Check the weekly lineup to choose a night that suits your taste. Escobar is known to have one of Toronto’s hottest Thursday 4 am events.

  17. Does ESCOBAR Toronto have a coat check? Yes, a coat check service is available for the convenience of guests for a small charge.

  18. Is there a smoking area at ESCOBAR Toronto? Smoking is prohibited inside of Escobar. Guests may exit the venue and re-enter to enjoy cigarettes or cannabis.

  19. Are credit cards accepted at ESCOBAR Toronto? Yes, ESCOBAR Toronto accepts most major credit cards; including American Express, Mastercard, and VISA.

  20. What is the capacity of ESCOBAR Toronto? The capacity during club nights is roughly ~250 people.

  21. Are there any hotels near ESCOBAR Toronto? Yes, there are several hotels in the vicinity, suitable for various budgets and preferences.

  22. How can I stay updated on events at ESCOBAR Toronto? As new events are announced at ESCOBAR, we will upload them to our website with details. Stay tuned!